July 7, 2020

5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

If you are wanting to sell your home it is important to show it at its best to potential buyers.  These 5 tips will help you get a head start to getting your home sold. 


#1) Increase Curb Appeal

  First impressions are everything so anything you can do to freshen up the front of the home is important.  Cleaning up the yard with a well manicured lawn, plants and flowers,  fresh mulch or newly planted flowers for a pop of color.  Make sure to fix anything that is noticeably damaged. Consider putting out a seasonal door mat, rug, wreath or porch decorations.

#2) Pack and Depersonalize

   When buyers walk into a home, they need to be able to picture themselves living there. By pre-packing and removing items you have in your home, you make it easier for buyers to do just that. The other benefit to doing this is that you get a jumpstart on preparing for your move.

#3) Clean

Give the home a deep clean.  Once it's clean you can assess the walls to see if they need a fresh coat of paint.  If you are repainting, stick to neutral colors that will allow potential buyers to see past the decor and picture themselves living in your home.

#4) Simplify

  Less is more.  With less stuff in the home it will look bigger and allow for more areas a buyer can picture their things in.  Remove items from counters, take out extra furniture pieces, and decorate with minimal accents.

#5) Make Simple Updates

When buyers see things that are broken or not maintained, it will affect the sale.  Sometimes all the little things like leaky faucets and missing outlet covers can detour a buyer. If you are able to repair the quick fix items it can really make a big difference.
Our job is to help you understand each of these five tips and prioritize things to help you get your home sold. If you have questions about getting your home ready to sell reach out to my team and I. 
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July 6, 2020

Gray is STILL the New Black

Gray is going nowhere...it still remains at the top of the list. Gray is one of the most versatile colors in home design because it complements a range of design styles from modern to traditional. 

A good tip to go by when choosing a shade of gray for your home is if space constraint is a thing, we recommend using light grey.

There are so many shades of gray, and the ultimate choice lies with you. Here are some examples of "shades of gray" to give you some inspiration for your future home renovations. 

There are so many shades of gray cabinets that can be absolutely beautiful in a kitchen! From dark, charcoal gray to light gray to a warmer mushroom or a cooler blue-gray, gray cabinets are a beautiful neutral for any kitchen. It's hard to beat a good two-toned kitchen...we love this gray and white combo. 

Painting your bathroom gray is a great choice. Make it sleek and modern with a black vanity and black linen shelves. Gray bathrooms can have their entire look changed just by choosing a different tone of gray.

A gray door has a way of balancing a bright exterior and lending just the right amount of steely modernity to more traditional structures. 


The gray home office is one that combines modern sophistication with a sense of style that is also timeless. Gray can be used both as a neutral and as an accent hue depending on what you choose as the backdrop for the home office. In its many shades, gray can bring warmth to the home office or even as a 'cool' addition and it an be easily used with a variety of themes and styles. 

There is nothing like opting for a neutral shade to create a serene atmosphere in a bedroom design. From gray furniture to gray paint...I love how there are different hues of gray, ensuring that the light colors aren’t too overpowering.

A soothing, pretty laundry room can help turn the tasks of washing clothes and folding laundry into a more pleasant chore. As a bonus, the neutral gray cabinets provide numerous options for different accent colors in the future.

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July 1, 2020

Getting An Offer Accepted In A Multiple Offer Situation


Buying a home and worried about bidding wars? This video can save you money and help you get the house. 

Did you know that Highest and best can sometimes mean best?

As you know the real estate market is moving quickly and if you are trying to purchase a home you have probably heard the term "highest and best".

With many sellers receiving multiple offers on their property they have requested buyers review the home and submit there highest and best offer.  Now why are they not just saying give me your highest offer... well because it's not always about the money.

"I know that is hard to believe, of course it is all about the money, right?"

The truth is there are many terms in a contract that can often mean more to a seller than the purchase price or terms that are worth more to a seller than the extra 5,000 dollars someone else may offer.

I recently had a buyer that was up against multiple offers and although we did not offer the highest price we were able to offer the seller terms, that worked for my buyer, and that were more valuable to the seller than the money the other buyers were offering.

There are many different ways to structure an offer.  Shortened time frames for inspections or loan financing, time for the seller to remain in the home so they don't have to move twice, shortened escrow period, and so on.

Our job is to help you determine what the seller is looking for and work backwards to determine the best plan and terms to give your offer a push to the front of the pile.

"If you are trying to buy a home make sure the seller picks your offer because it is the HIGHEST price with the BEST terms."

If you have more questions about multiple offer situations or if you have other real estate questions we can help with, please reach out.  I'm Kari Cross with The Cross Group at Intero Real Estate and I look forward to talking to you soon.

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June 23, 2020

Buying a Home in Phase II of Covid-19


Our local real estate market is hot with more homes coming on the market for sale and even more buyers out looking to purchase homes.  However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, things are a little different for those of you trying to buy a home. Here are a 4 things you can expect.

1) Start virtually.  If there are 8 homes for sale in the area you love in your price range, you will want to do some virtual shopping first to narrow down the list.  Many homes are offering 360 degree virtual tours where you are able to actually walk through a home and look around as if you are inside the home.  You will want to eliminate homes that don't have the yard space you need or that don't have the formal dining room you know you want.  Then you want to drive by the homes and make sure you like the area, or the other homes in the area.  Once you narrow down the list you can then make appointments to see the homes at the top of your list.

2) Only two people.  Don't expect to bring your parents, friends or even your children with you to look at homes.  We are only allowed to have two people visit a home during this time. So that would be you and your spouse or one parent. But you’re not able to show it to any more people and children are not allowed in homes during this time.  If you do want to show a place to someone else we can give them a virtual tour but they will not be able to see the home in person with you.  Also, because children are not allowed in the home you will need to make child care arrangements or we will have to show the home to one spouse at a time while the other waits in the car with the kids.

3) Signing Disclosures.  You are not able to drive up to a home and expect to get an appointment to view it right away.  There are forms that need to be signed prior to entering any home. The Coronavirus property entry advisory and declaration must be signed by any person entering the home.  Also, if you are seeing more than one home, you must sign a seperate form for each home.  This form will need to be given to the seller and acknowledged before you are allowed to enter the home.  These forms can be signed digitally but can still cause a small delay so planning in advance when you want to view homes is very important.

4) Wear masks, gloves and booties.  To help spread the virus and to protect yourself and the seller anyone who enters the home must wear a mask, gloves and booties.  You will want to make sure you keep these in your car or ask your realtor before going to the home if you need them.

There are many buyers out looking at homes right now and although it sounds very different we have everything streamlined pretty well.  We are here to walk you through the process and make sure you don't miss out on finding your dream home.

If you have any additional questions about buying a home during this time, or any other real estate needs, my team and I are here to help. 

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June 22, 2020


Just because the rooms in your house are small, doesn’t mean they can’t look big. You can make any space look bigger by using these simple tricks. Transform your small rooms into an inviting, seemingly spacious home. 

Tip #1

It all starts with light. So use all the natural light you can. Don’t block off windows with heavy or dark curtains or furniture. Instead, frame your furniture around the windows and other appropriate lighting fixtures.

Tip #2

With that same idea, use light paint colors in your home. Your walls, floors, and ceilings are most important because they take up a lot of space. For maximum impact, your walls and ceiling should be a neutral, light shade that radiates light and your floors will be on the lighter side as well.

Tip #3

Get rid of it! For most people, this means packing up about half of the miscellaneous objects scattered around the house. It will probably look a little empty to you, but it will only look like more space.

Tip #4

It’s a classic trick, but it’s still around because it works. You could place one over a side table or find an artistic mirror to hang near photos. Because mirrors reflect light and images,  they create the illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors are also great in an entry. 

Tip #5

First, reduce the amount of furniture in rooms that look cluttered. Less furniture means more space. Then, look at your floor plan. You want open arrangements that don’t block off space. Boxy areas reduce traffic flow and impede movement. By increasing flow, you can make your house look bigger. 

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June 18, 2020


Summer is here and for a lot of us, that means lots of free time for our kiddos. Summer activities are crucial for young, busy kids! Here is a summer schedule to keep them entertained and looking forward to each day of the week. 


Try a new fun craft idea. Make play-doh. Bake a treat for friends or family. Collect rocks and paint them. Make beaded necklaces for your brother or sister. The options are endless!


Try a new science experiment you've been wanting to conduct. Get out that book you've been meaning to start reading. Play with a sensory bin. Work on summer vacation worksheets that your teacher gave you. 


Today is all about getting outside and playing with water. Pull out those water balloons you've been meaning to fill up and have a water balloon fight.  Go visit a pond and feed the ducks. Go swimming in a pool. Go visit a beach or lake to cool off. 


Take a day trip and go to a museum or a zoo.  Grab some friends and go on a scavenger hunt. Pack a picnic lunch and go to the park. Be adventurous and get in the car and drive until you find an interesting place to stop and explore. 


Grab some lemons and make lemonade for a lemonade stand. Set up a tent and camp in your backyard. Project a movie onto your garage door or your backyard fence. Have a tea party with your stuffed animals and dolls. 


Today is about being selfless. Help a neighbor or friend with a project. Walk your dog. Do something nice for your parents. Volunteer in your local community. Go for a walk and pick flowers for someone. 


Be spontaneous! Let your kids plan the day for you! 

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June 18, 2020

The Path to Home Ownership is Different for Everyone!

How long does it take to find and purchase a new home?

When should I start the home buying process? 

1. Sometimes you can take the fast line and get there right away. We have buyers that quickly get approved and fall in love with the first home they see. They are able to quickly go from start to finish. 

2. Sometimes you take a scenic route. You may have a few credit obstacles to repair or need to be at your job a little longer. You may find a home and get out bid having to look for another home. With a few obstacles you will soon get the keys to your dream home...it just takes a little longer. 

3. Sometimes the road is full of potholes and road blocks. For some buyers it is a much longer process and starting early is KEY! 

Whichever road you take, we are here to help you navigate every twist and turn. And remember if you make it to the destination it is a successful journey. 

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June 12, 2020


Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is one of the most effective, easiest and most efficient ways to update your home.  It returns a positive ROI (Return on Investment) and generally helps houses sell faster and at higher values.

Edgecomb Gray skirts both the gray and the beigh world, tucking itself quite comfortably into the greige range. In some lights, it leans slightly more beige, while in others it leans a touch of gray. Edgecomb is great for a fresh, but slightly soft, warm, organic look. 

My favorite thing about Eider White is that it is beautiful in spaces that need a subtle and soft neutral that leans a bit cooler, but doesn't look too cold. It pairs perfect with black and white for some contrast. The picture tells how it has cool undertone, but comes out looking still a bit warm and yet not giving off a "concrete feeling". 

Alabaster is a soft, almost off-white paint color. It’s definitely not white because of the neutral beige undertones it has, though it is close. The neutral beige undertones give this paint color a creaminess, but not too creamy. It’s just the right amount of creamy to make it not white but also not yellow.

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June 9, 2020

Coming Soon

Beautiful single story home in South Land Park in Sacramento. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, eat in kitchen, separate dining area and family room. Large bonus room that looks out to a 10ft deep in ground pool. 2 car garage with a drive through to a back yard courtyard and finished work shop, shed or pool house. Extra right side driveway parking for all your toys. New roof, new appliances, upgrades throughout, move in ready, must see!

For more information about 552 Big Basin Drive, please visit: https://1125theoway.thebestlisting.com/

If you would like to see this beautiful home in person or have any questions please call me at 925.584.1640. 



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June 4, 2020


This 4680 square foot move in ready home has it all. 6 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms with a large master retreat and separate junior master with full bathroom. 1 bedroom and bathroom downstairs. A loft on one side of the home and a separate large man cave or game room. Kitchen family room combo made for entertaining with an oversized center island and a formal living and dining room. Large laundry room or mudroom open to the yard with plenty of counter space, a sink and closet. 3 car garage and an extra long driveway for all your toys. A backyard oasis with fruit trees, privacy trees, fire pit area, large covered patio, garden area, shed and large side yard area. Too much to list, must see!

For more information about 552 Big Basin Drive, please visit: https://552bigbasin.thebestlisting.com/

If you would like to see this beautiful home in person or have any questions please call me at 925.584.1640. 


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