Nov. 15, 2018

LIVE with Kari, Elyssa and Harley Quill 11-15-18

Check out our LIVE this week.  It was a train wreck but we are pretty sure you will enjoy watching.  We cover some real estate market predictions, talk about our coat drive and have a heck of a time with Miss Harley.



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Sept. 6, 2017

5 Reasons We Are So Ready For Fall

5 Reasons We Are So Ready For Fall


1. Pumpkin EVERYTHING- when can we start ordering pumpkin spice lattes and eating pumpkin ice cream? I vote now. It's by far the best season food wise. 
2. Hello sweater weather- I love me a good bathing suit, but ...
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Aug. 29, 2017

5 Creative Ideas to Re-purpose Your Kid's Old Room

Has your baby just left for college? Are you so completely heartbroken that you don't know how you will move on with your life? Yeah, us either. Instead, we are going to give you some amazing ideas as to what to do with that extra room now! Don't ...

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